Sunday, February 10, 2008

Par for the Course

Patriots and Tyrants is going bye-bye. Based on blogs we had participated in prior to starting P&T, Scott and I believed more people wanted to discuss solutions for the U.S. rather than just gripe. Maybe, some day, we'll be able to start a similar site in the future, and get more action.

Would have probably helped for us to have posted more frequently, too.


Polly said...

I didn't know the world could ever have enough of Rick and Scott.
Maybe you were preaching to the choir and are not as alone as you think?

Rick said...


Is that like being one of the cows in the middle of a stampede? It's an awful quiet stampede. :-p

I guess we were preaching to the choir. Either that, or no one else wanted to go to church. (Hmmm.)

Thanks for the encouragement. It just means Scott and I will post this stuff on our own blogs. The world better watch out. :-)