Saturday, February 02, 2008

Is There a Football Game Tomorrow?

Somebody told me ("you had a boyfriend". Sorry, I couldn't resist.) that a pretty important football game being played tomorrow. Last I recall, it didn't include the Cleveland Browns, so it cannot be all that important.

It has been a busy week, and I actually haven't thought about the game very much, only when asked. Beyond that, it was a typical week:

  • Someone in the family was sick (poor Engineer - he's okay now)
  • Someone in the family went to the hospital (my mom - she's okay now)
  • Construction crew continued the kitchen improvements, which went slower than expected because the crew chief/owner was sick.
  • I started working with a consultant/business liaison on the big Finance project at work, then...
  • Our parent company asks if they can leverage my consultant's experience on similar projects. Um, that was never part of the deal....
Along with that, I'm learning new songs to play with a second band that will rock out more than Running in Circles, but won't fill the dance floor nearly as much. And, tomorrow we are celebrating my father-in-law's birthday at lunch, then I am leaving the lunch to attend band practice for Running in Circles. Each band mate is bringing a list of songs for the band's consideration, as I mentioned in a prior post. I chose...

I'll let you know which of my songs the band chooses...after the break.

I'll get home from practice between 5:30-6:00pm. Just in time to eat dinner. Then log into work to submit my time sheet and prepare for tomorrow. Then obtain the songs that RIC has chosen to learn. Then start learning them.

Oh, yeah. Is there a football game tomorrow?


What song contains the lyrics in quotes in the first line of my post?


Scott said...

uuhhhh..."Somebody Told me" by the Killers, Wink. What have I won?

Rick said...

A pat on the back. :-p

GDAEman said...

Ouch. No 19 'n 0.