Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too Bad, So Sad

President Calderon of Mexico is upset at the anti-immigration tone in the United States. Just read what he says here.

Ironically, our pro-security President (maybe I should have put that in quotes) is working on a $1.4 BILLION stimulus/security package for Mexico, which would focus on securing Mexico's southern border.

Two plus two equals four.

Before you say this doesn't add up from the U.S. perspective, it adds up perfectly. At least, if you are Bush.

2 - Bush wants amnesty for illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border. Primarily, these aliens will be Mexicans.


2 - Calderon wants to secure his southern border from Central Americans. They just don't fit into the US/Canada/Mexico single-economy model.

= 4 - another step toward an American Union.


Scott said...

tinfoil hat a little too tight?

ya wacko!

Everyone knows there's no conspiracy to form a between Mexico, the US, and Canada. There is no North American Union in the works. We will not be spending "Ameros" in the future.

Just be quiet and vote for either one of the CFR's candidates. Go back to sleep. It was just a dream.

(Is this still a valid rhetorical device?)

Scott said...

Of course my HTML is sloppy! Geez. It looked good in the preview.

There are 4 links in my comment, not one.


Rick said...

Satire and sarcasm are always in play here. However, sloppy links may kill the site's reputation.