Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Answers... a rhetorical question. No, sillies, not to the pop quiz. Not yet, anyway.

The question: when you support an issue that you believe should garner major political party support, but won't because the issue will politically cripple the party should they support it, how do you garner support from the party?

Answer: you don't.

Welcome to the new millenium of politics in America, where both major parties profess liberty conceptually, but avoid it practically. Where they want to help the little people, but truly only help themselves. Where they want to empower the powerless, but not to the point of losing their own power.

They do this because politics is really marketing, an attempt to accumulate the greatest market share. You cannot do that by being on a minority side of an issue, or by throwing all your weight behind a minority issue. Instead, you have to insure yourself that you will at least maintain your current power position, if not improve it.

Point of Reference

The words "moderate", "independent", "non-partisan" all play into the us vs. them mentality of the two major parties. They make the Democrat and Republican parties the frame of reference. That's a problem. As Art Modell, former owner of the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens (God save me for mentioning his name), used to say, "bad publicity is better than no publicity". As long as you are the point of reference, you can still frame the debate.

So, to make honest change in the political landscape, we have to work from without, since working from within only strengthens our reliance on the Dems and Reps.

To Link, or Not To Link

To do my small part - no, Scottius, I am not running for political office - I will from time to time add links to issues or organizations that are beneficial to the political growth of America, but a detriment to the political establishment. I will not post political party links - sorry, Scott, it's my blog and I'll refrain if I want to - but to issues like "None of the Above". (Special thanks to William White, Director of Voters for None of the Above, for commenting on this post.)

Feel free to comment on these links, or not. But by all means, check them out. The more we can marginalize the two major political parties, the better chance we have of saving our liberty.


Anonymous said...


"no, Scottius, I am not running for political office"

I'm devastated. Must...buck

Actually, I'm glad to hear that you're going to do this. All politics is ultimately local. Only by changing things at the grass roots level will anything ever change in the halls of power. We should all do this.

"it's my blog and I'll refrain if I want to"
Nice Lesley Gore reference BTW.

Quipper said...


Thanks. It took years for the situation to get this bad; we won't fix it overnight.