Sunday, November 12, 2006


Goldie Hawn will be so happy that I didn't forget her. This weekend's football games were about as zany as her movie, Wildcats. But, seeing and hearing what I saw, she probably could have coached better than a number of other coaches this weekend. Doh!

Congrats to the Buckeyes and Browns. Yeah, Michigan won, too. The only reason that matters is because it'll allow OSU to beat two - sorry, three - #2 ranked teams this year. The third will be the team they beat in the BCS championship. Disclaimer: I am not clairvoyant; just hoping. :-)

Okay, it's Sunday night, time for the Idiot of the Week Awards. Tell us who won, Johnny.

Win - Michael Vick, Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Granted, the Browns defense is pretty good, but Vick allowed himself to lose the game. Charlie Frye actually made less mistakes than Vick did.

Place - The Cincinnati Bengals - how do you give up 42 points in a half - at home??? Marvin Lewis, Cinci's head coach, and his defensive coordinator must have forgotten there was a second half to play. Stick a fork in the Bengals; they're done.

Show - all the top ranked college football teams that forgot how to beat unranked teams. Yes, that includes you, Texas, California, and Auburn. You are certainly making the BCS championship quest interesting.

No honorable mentions tonight. Frye is proving he needs help in the decision-making component of this game. But he outplayed Vick, so I'll leave him alone...this time.

There are several weeks left in the college football season after the OSU-Michigan game. Depending on what happens, the loser of that game could still find themselves in the BCS championship against the winner.

What do you call a group of Michigan fans in a basement?
A whine cellar.


Anonymous said...


So when is the big game?

Quipper said...


This Saturday at 3:30 EST.

Go Bucks!!!