Sunday, November 19, 2006

Upgrades and Sour Grapes (I mean awards)

Greetings all!

What a whirlwind weekend for the Cleveland football fan. The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled out a great win in an awesome game against that team up north. The Browns, however, weren't able to stop the Steelers once Pittsburgh went into a no-huddle offense, and lost a heartbreaker. Pittsburgh just has the better players at this time, although I think we played them tougher than they expected.


I went shopping this weekend to upgrade my gig "outfit". While I usually look like this,

donning a Chief Wahoo baseball cap turned frontwards or backwards, I decided to mix up my look a bit:

Okay, so you may not consider it an upgrade, but I couldn't keep wearing an out of season ball cap. Just not my thang. (I think we'll be performing Hang On Sloopy for a while, especially since OSU's basketball team got off to a good start, too.)

Precious Ribbons

And now, in celebration of all the bozos that play the game we know and love, here are the Idiot of the Week awards:

Win - Mike Hart, University of Michigan running back. While the game was close and entertaining, OSU basically gave Michigan 10 points due to turnovers in the 3rd quarter. OSU didn't play its best all game; Michigan did. They still lost. After the game, Hart had the nerve to say OSU's defense was over hyped. HELLO MIKE...Your top-ranked rushing defense (giving up an average of 29.2 yards per game) and hyped passing defense gave up 200 yards rushing and almost 400 yards passing. If they do it all over again in the BCS championship, both teams make adjustments, and you still lose. Whiner; this is sour grapes cuz you lost to the Buckeyes three years in a row.

(By the way, it's now 8:07pm, EST, and Michigan still sucks.)

Place - Charlie Frye - his decision making is improving, but he could have run for 3-4 yards on a critical 3rd and 1. Instead, the play failed, and we punted. The Browns lost with only 32 seconds left in the game. Had he run, and therefore extended the drive, the makeup and outcome of the game would have been different.

Show - Joey Porter, Linebacker for the Steelers - Joey was talking smack with Kellen Winslow, Jr. all game. On one pass play, Porter tried tackling Winslow. Kellen stiff-armed him and forced him to the ground - basically, he tackled Porter - then ran for at least another five yards after the play. Sweet!

Honorable Mention - Rutgers college football team. They had a remote chance of going to the big dance (BCS championship bowl), then proceeded to lose to a 5-5 Cincinnati Bearcats team. Rutgers proceeded to drop nine places in the BCS standings.

Brownies - the Troy Smith/Brady Quinn lottery starts in a mere two months. Frye has six more games to continue improving his decision making ability before you draft another quarterback...and pass rushing specialist...and offensive lineman. :-)


Anonymous said...

Something I heard on Friday:

Ohio leans to the right. That's because Michigan blows and OSU sucks.

Quipper said...

Scott, did you mean that Pittsburgh sucks? lol

Anonymous said...


The Joey Porter story would have been an A+, if it just didn't involve Sgt. Winslow, Jr. I can't stand either one of them.

Every time you say "that team up North", for some reason I think of Woody Hayes. Did he ever say this or am I just imagining it?

Your going to have to think in terms of Bizarro World for this hypothetical question, but let's say Ohio State lost Saturday (which would of course have happened only in Bizarro World). Would you have still been alive today after Cleveland "came from ahead" to lose to the hated Steelers?

Quipper said...


I don't get (or stay) as riled up as Mrs. Quipper portrays. The emotion wears off pretty quickly after the game.

I would have survived. How long has it been since Cleveland's last championship in any sport (outside of indoor soccer)?

Oh, well.

Quipper said...


I do think Woody Hayes coined the term "that team up north".

Kayla said...

Nice photo, Quipper.

Give a razzie award to our Blazers man Watson Brown for being a
turkey of a coach

Quipper said...

Kayla: thanks. Let's give a second Honorable Mention award to Coach. We'll raise a golden brown turkey leg in his honor!