Friday, November 10, 2006

New Links Reissued

Teacher, Blogger ate my post!

Here it is again. I don't know what happened, but this post went MIA some time between Tuesday and Thursday. And now, I have the added benefit of updating the template to include these links. :-)

I have much to say on politics, religion, and escapism, but I am still trying to put my thoughts into words. So, until then, enjoy the new, fresh baked links from my site. As always, just cuz I link 'em doesn't mean I always agree with them, but I do like reading them.

Conblogeration - courtesy of Des Moines Girl
Kayla - I don't remember how I got to her site, I think it was a comment from another blogger's site.
Yoda - courtesy of Kayla

And, courtesy of friends and family:
Chaplain to the World - our Assistant Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church
Classical Pelican - our Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church. And I believe I am related to him through marriage. :-)


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